Why Apple launched iMessage for Android and Windows

On the eve of the June presentation of WWDC, the Network has spread the rumor about Apple’s plans to introduce a version of messenger iMessage to Android. Allegedly, Apple understands that the share of Android in the mobile OS market will continue to grow, therefore, transferred their services to this platform. But the rumors remained rumors. If you believe the representatives of the company from Apple and had no plans to run iMessage for Google. This was told journalist Walt Mossberg, who managed to communicate with the employees of the company.

A number of Apple products available on rival platforms. The same Apple Music and iTunes freely is available to owners of devices on Android and Windows. Explorer Roem Yuri synods believes that the company from Cupertino simply is no financial motivation to run iMessage on other platforms. Since the company can not earn in this way, there is no point in providing signature service to competitors.

“Cross-platform iMessage will not contribute neither to the influx of buyers to Apple or the outflow of existing users. But if nothing will change, it is best to do nothing.

Second, Apple came out on another platform (see Apple Music) for additional money, which pays each user of the service. Only the second option appears the possibility that Apple will decide that it needs cross-platform in relation to iMessage and FaceTime: when you find that users are willing to pay for the messenger. Or for anything in the messenger: stickers, outgoing calls to mobile and landline phones, purchases, payments, transfers.

If it will make money regardless of the platform, then Apple will quickly forget about the need for consistency of their ecosystem and begin to cut the loot. Everywhere where you can.

So the answer to the original question is simple: iMessage will appear on platforms “not Apple” when iMessage will bring significant money directly. Since iMessage now sells only stickers, to wait for this state of Affairs will have long enough. Needs to Mature and take root money-making scheme on the instant messengers that allow to the user at least a few dollars a month. Otherwise — uninteresting”.

Now iMessage is accessible through the Messages app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on iOS 5 and above, as well as computers based on OS X Mountain Lion and above.

The launch of iMessage for Android would allow users of Apple’s smartphone to communicate with holders “guglofonov”, without resorting to using third-party software. At the moment, however, it can not count.

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Clifton Nichols

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