Why Apple should make a 5.5-inch iPhone

The current concept of Apple for the simultaneous development of two flagship models of the iPhone looks quite promising and gives the most positive feelings. Is always weight wanting to buy a particular version, however, the analyst edition of Ai’s Daniel Dilger believes this approach is fundamentally wrong.

According to him, the potential of the iPhone Plus modifications is greatly underestimated. Even despite the higher price tag, “Apple” phablets are limited to the functionality of the so-called Junior model, offering users nothing but a couple more inches in diagonal. Meanwhile, today, for $ 100, which is converted almost 8,000 rubles, you can buy a full-fledged smartphone. In other words, the 5.5-inch iPhone need some rethinking.

Dilger proposes to use long-proven methods of manufacturers of devices running Android. Releasing more advanced in hardware and software plan version with a larger screen, Apple will represent a true flagship, providing the serious increase in sales. Some rudiments of this principles in Cupertino have already experimented with, introducing a truly innovative iPad Pro, which left the other iPad models far behind.

“I expect Apple’s emergency iPhone major differentiation is simple. – Old paradigm that worked with the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, more can not be called a viable, although phablets and offer users a truly capacious battery and optical image stabilization. I think the seventh version of [iPhone], this gap will only increase.

There are already rumors that the 7 Plus will get 3 GB of RAM and the storage to 256 GB, but I would like to see in Cupertino paid close attention to its computing power. In my opinion, large iPhone need the best processor and graphics subsystem. Of course, I don’t think the company will decide to invest in the development of two different chips, but boost clock looks a lot like the truth.”

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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