Why delay the release of the iPhone X is a total threat to Samsung

What happens if 3 Nov the flagship Apple phone will not go on sale.

Four years ago, Director and writer Pavel Sanaev (“Bury me behind a plinth”, “the Chronicles of gouging”) came to St. Petersburg for a meeting with readers.

The existence of Yuri Dude at that time was known only to sports fans, but someone from the audience still did not hesitate to ask Sanaeva about the money. The exact wording of the question, I don’t remember, but it sounded something like this: “what have the writer in modern Russia?”

Paul answered very thoroughly, and at some point raised over the table, touch Nokia. “Go with this phone for four years. I have a friend who every autumn changes the iPhones. They leave – he buys”.

Of course, Sana did not specify how much his friend earns in a month, but the mocking tone was clear: Paul believes that annual spending on new iPhones – the absolute stupidity and extravagance.

It is difficult not to agree – especially in recent years when models openly copying each other with little improvement. Long known as Apple is forcing fans to buy the same gadgets, but the system finally failed: the production of the iPhone X is not started, or started only this week.

It is already clear that November 3 will go on sale in the tiny party leaders – the main flow will flood the shelves either in December or even early 2018 (January-February).

Apple fans grumble and rage, but with the missed deadlines have nothing to do – it can only accept and look for the pros.

And by the way, at least three.

1. All who somehow missed the insides on the price of the iPhone X ($999), will be able to deal with the budget.

Fora two to three months and allows you to get enough money together to determine the choice: for example, after much deliberation instead of one iPhone X, you can get the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch – this set is definitely more practical than a smartphone.

In short, stop whining about the price: if you want the best iPhone in history – to work hard like never before.

2. Beautiful iPhone 8 will die in a month.

It was assumed that X iPhone will debut at 6 weeks after iPhone 8 – in this scenario, the group waited for fate of the gadget, which is useless.

But the iPhone X yet mythical, so in theory the iPhone 8 good prospects – November-December people will have patience, and they strode to the stores to buy any flagship as a gift or for personal use.

I will say for myself: I also focus exclusively on the “top ten”, but touched black glass “eight”, I almost ran to the checkout with activated Apple Pay. iPhone 8 really works: despite the familiar design, it is very nice to hold in hands.

It is worth considering.

3. Apple will finally be on equal footing with Samsung.

Judging by all the insiders, top-end Galaxy will come sooner than usual, that is, not in the spring and late winter – when the iPhone X.

This means that for all the fans of IT disputes, discussions and battles will come to a Grand day.

You can argue who is really cool – iPhone or S9. You can decide who is who which piece was stolen. You can throw each other news about how the flagship exploded while charging. You can compare the sales figures and explain who and why actually won.

Used to have Samsung and Apple was very sinhronizovani cycles, so all the mapping was not correct. Now all is fair: if the Koreans want to win the competition, I have to produce something quite extraordinary. Moreover, they have the advantage, because they already know what will be the Apple.

But if Samsung will merge again outright battle with Cupertino, the ambitions of Asian companies can be put an end – a better chance for uncontested eliminate opponent will not be provided.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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