Why do you need four-inch iPhone

What is the diagonal of the screen of the iPhone is the best? Everyone will answer this question differently. But if you think that almost everything will perform for 4.7-5 inches, it does not.

Apple never says how much percent of iPhone owners use the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5 and so on — the company provides only the total value, and even then not always. To find out exclusive information, special analytical company, which shed light on all the secrets.

According to Mixpanel, on 4 February 2016 the largest number of iPhone 6 users — 35 % of the total number. None of the other models could not even get close to him, except that of the iPhone 5s. Figures 5.5-inch smartphones are so small that we can conclude about their low popularity among users.

But the most interesting thing here more. Nearly a third of iPhone owners (32 %) use smartphones with 4-inch screen. And this at a time when Apple is trying to “transplant” all for large displays. However, many just do not want to: they are satisfied with a small diagonal, and for this reason they are not updated.

After these data it is clear why Apple likely to launch iPhone 5se — first of all it is necessary not for her buyers. Probably this model will be one of the best selling in the history of the company.

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