Why even “blood” enemies Apple took her side?

Resonant case the arrow is from San Bernardino to a large extent contributed to let temporary, but Apple reconciliation with their sworn enemies in the face of Google and Microsoft. In defending the competitor from Cupertino, the creators of the world’s operating systems has strongly criticized the security services and have ranked their actions to anarchy and lawlessness. Only if solidarity was driven by the IT giants?

According to CEO of Box Aaron levy, the owner of the same data exchange service, compassion companies from Silicon valley that exclusively resulted from their concern about their own future.

The precedent that could arise from the victory of the U.S. Government over Apple Inc. can jeopardize the foundations of all software and global market for security products, I’m sure levy.

“We aim to develop a data protection technology, which, as a priori safe, will not have all of the disadvantages of modern products, — said the developer. And, if such industry giants as Apple Box or, you can just “order” the code to bypass their own security systems, no other organization will not be able to guarantee its customers absolute protection”.

To solve the contradiction can only complete processing of the current system of law. Adopted decades ago, “analog” laws are absolutely unfit for use in their digital practice and directly contradict the postulate of human rights.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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