“Why I am ready to switch to Android: confessions of a fan of Apple

The army of fans of Apple as users increasingly shift to gadgets and Google. the iPhone is still in fashion as “Apple” laptops, but the Apple ecosystem-only their” inferior hospitable Google, which lures the user first to Gmail, then to the cloud, and then — in all of its services, which transparently synchronized between themselves and cover all areas of life… Surely Apple has lost its main advantage in the form of a friendly ecosystem? According to Elliot Jay stocks, the Cupertino-based company has ceased to innovate. And Google today is better in many aspects. Ain brings the story of a fan of Apple, which explained why he was thinking about switching to Android and the change of ecosystem.


“Over the last few years in consumer electronics has shifted: Apple, once synonymous with innovation, stagnated, she’s just resting on its laurels. Meanwhile Google, in the past complex and cumbersome, constantly moving forward with new improved products which are easy and fun to use.

There have been two global changes. The first is from the perspective of a software component: Google apps gradually replaced on my iPhone the default preset counterparts from Apple. Second, for the first time in my life I caught myself considering buying an Android smartphone instead of a new iPhone. And it’s not just a spontaneous decision to purchase is the first step beyond the ecosystem and the fan club Apple.

So, I’m thinking about switching to Android. Nothing supernatural. I’m just following in others ‘ footsteps before me. But what is interesting in all these stories. It seems that there is growing dissatisfaction with Apple by its former fans, at the same time, more and more people appreciate what Google does, especially from the point of view of design. Largely to compare these two companies is impossible, but agree, for today they are two sides of the same coin.

So I decided to try both individually and figure out what has changed.

It’s not the fact that Apple no longer creates cool products — they just don’t have the spark. Remember when they used to released a new MacBook or iMac? Or iPhone? Or any other product? Given the hype, and almost always justified. Years Apple created a revolution in new products and updates of existing ones, but lately things have slipped into… Well, you understand, right?

Maybe the fact that Apple has ceased to be a “renegade” and is now omnipresent as ever? Possible. Maybe it because of the adopted business decisions, according to which Apple has decided to improve and Refine existing products, instead of to experiment. That is evidenced by the increased life cycle of the iPhone and Mac? It is very likely. But that does not excuse the fact that new products do not look so bright (again, in my opinion) compared to their past standards.

MacBook? Well, it’s a cute little machine (I’m on it now type this text), and I even made the full set of photos to capture the beauty of its forms. But there are some annoying details (e.g., the keys constantly stick, and the refusal of the magnetic power connector is a pain in the ass).

Apple Watch? After the magic dissipated, I realized that this is a pretty useless thing. The same realized almost every owner of the Apple Watch, with whom I talked.

The new Apple TV? The complete lack of innovation. While the new iPhones do not cause the former delight.

I wonder when it started. Perhaps after the release of iOS 7. Initially I was one of those who supported it when it caused a full-blown half of iPhone and iPad users, but now I realize that iOS is not very encouraging interaction. It is not in opposition to the flat and sevmorgeologia designs — rather that Apple has laid the Foundation for a cool, minimalistic mobile operating system of the future, but never built it.

The same can be said about the camera. The algorithm of eliminating noise on the iPhone camera spoiled many of the pictures, which only would have won if they did not pass through a pencil filter. And don’t even remind me about Apple Music. Mess. Of course, from the point of view of interaction design, this is not a complete failure — but it’s a poor attempt for a company that really needs to be much better than any competitor. Its popular Apple Music shall only ecosystem that Apple has cultivated so long and not the fact that offers users the application.

Now remember all the changes that Apple have made, again and again promoting proprietary connectors — the last of them was the decision to remove the headphone Jack in the new (not yet released) iPhone. Over the fact that even the most ardent fans of the company thought — and why are they such fans?

And while all this is going on, Google continues to offer innovation with every new launch, be it software or gadgets. And all the more successfully compete with Apple, making improved versions of its applications (I don’t have to mention Maps? No? Good). And from the point of view of design, Google greatly increased: Material Design was promising when he was first presented to the public, but that time proved to be a powerful framework for the unification of all software products of the company.

Of course, sometimes it seems a bit formulaic and dry — for example, Google Play Music. And perhaps, it is easy to heap praise on Google for Transfiguration, since its a web application looked just disgusting (remember what used to be Gmail? To recover his memory pictures of the past, just look at the browser version of Google Calendar). But we should not underestimate the difficulty of creating a system that works in many areas — neither from the point of view of aesthetics or interaction.

In addition to the application, aesthetics and interaction, there is another layer of Google, which has earned the trust of users infrastructure. Yes, I also don’t like that our data is collected to show more relevant ads, but on whom I can rely when I need cloud sync: Apple or Google? Someone I can trust your photo archives? Your documents, email, calendars, and everything else? Of course, the latter can be run by any service provider, but the Google infrastructure so deeply rooted in the Internet and our daily lives that often simply makes no sense to do something in another service — known fact that a good job Google.

I wanted to refrain from the worship of specific applications and Google services, but still briefly mention Google Calendar and Google Photos for iOS. They are so much better that there is actually no point to run.

Hence the question: if Google is so good on the operating system competitor, how steep it can be in the native environment? This is a question that often POPs up in my head.

Android used to perceive as “iOS for the poor, but since then it has grown. Unfortunately, fragmentation is a problem that hurts Android since the beginning and remains the main factor because of which I all this time did not take seriously the transition from iOS to Android. But what is interesting: since then, as Google released its own smartphone, the Nexus, you can use the “clean” version of Android, which is not reshaped to fit their gadgets to third-party manufacturers. Nexus also negate the headache that will be familiar to owners of other devices — when new version of Android is not installed on the old phone.

Google levels the playing field: control hard, and can control the software. It just works.”

This approach to Android Google phone in its purest form — leads me and other Apple fans to think about the possibility to go with iOS. And with the new Nexus, which, they say, is about to enter the market (or they at least announce) the opportunity to make the transition to Android is already looming on the horizon.

Or not. After going out and the new iPhone. And maybe he’ll be great. Perhaps it will be the best bundle of software and hardware. Possible key applications, services and interfaces Apple is the ecosystem of iOS/macOS/tvOS, will be such that I will look back on this post as blasphemy.

But, sadly, I’m not sure what the Apple sample 2016 capable of something like that.”

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