Why iOS 10 need a dark interface mode [renderings]

2016 at WWDC Apple showed a dark interface mode for the Apple TV, and although users would want to see the same feature in iOS 10, the company on this account did not say anything. Perhaps Apple has decided to postpone the function of Dark Mode to switch the iPhone on AMOLED displays, but work in this direction is already underway.

Developer Andrew Vick, running the beta of iOS 10 in the emulator, Xcode, could switch the iMessage app on dark theme. Later users first test build found support of the new regime in iBooks, Safari and iTunes.

In iOS 10 also introduced a new version of context menu, but so far it doesn’t look like the final version of the function. In the dark the interface uses a unified color scheme for all applications whether he will appear in a stable version of the platform is unknown. Proposed by the designer ThaArtist iOS version 10 mode Dark Mode looks advantageous. If Apple is looking into the work of the designer, many users will have another reason to update to iOS 10.

A public beta of iOS 10 will be released in July, and the final release of the software platform is scheduled for September of this year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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