Why iPhone asks to enter the password when turning off?

Our iPhone is well protected. In order to unlock the screen we need to enter the password or give the Touch ID sensor to count our fingerprints. To reset settings, enter the password to disable “Find my iPhone” again requires a password, and to activate the device in case of flashing also requires a password. But for some reason to turn off iPhone without any additional action.

Colleagues from 9to5Mac are concerned that an attacker who can seize another’s smartphone, will shut off, and the owner will not help the function “Find iPhone”. Of course, the attacker will not be able to use someone else’s device, but he can still sell it for parts. The owner would be more likely to find your device, if to disable iPhone required to enter a password or confirm off via Touch ID.

There is one small omission. Even without turning off the smartphone, an attacker may cause the control Center and enable airplane mode or remove the SIM card. However, it requires more ingenuity than the simple disconnection of the smartphone. Colleagues from 9to5Mac have found only one drawback in having to enter a password when shutting down. If your smartphone gets water, you will want to turn it off immediately, and it may be more difficult. However, if the water got, so your smartphone is no longer good.

Certainly there are some contradictions that do not allow Apple to add this simple element of protection. Perhaps our readers will help to find them. If they are not found, why would Apple not just add protection to shut off?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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