Why iPhone is popular in Russia?

The last few weeks, Russia has seen a rather strange trend — despite the rising cost of Apple technology, customers continue to buy the iPhone. The situation interested and Bloomberg, where he found, from what is related to the hype.

According to the news Agency, the sellers of the iPhone in Russia took the right position — they have treated buyers to those buying smartphones as quickly as possible. When this information is supplied under crisis “sauce”, saying that the prices will soon go up, so if and to take, now.

The increased demand contributes to Apple itself — it allows Russian Resellers to reduce the prices of the iPhone, while in its online store keeps them on the same level. For example, once there is evidence of a reduction in the cost of the iPhone 6, the stores were filled at once with customers.

Interestingly, the peaks of sales iPhone in Russia are linked to the exchange rate of the ruble. When towards the end of January, the ruble has updated the historical lows, many stores reported the absence of some models of smartphones from Apple — in particular, Svyaznoy and Euroset. Someone, of course, created an artificial scarcity to attract customers, but these were a minority.

Therefore, analysts have to watch this phenomenon — buyers are afraid that their money will lose value, and invest the savings in equipment. Whether it is rational is another question. In any case, the risk of higher prices remains, although now, after some improvement in the economic situation, he has become noticeably lower.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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