Why is Apple every year more and more difficult to earn on sales of the iPhone

Yet iPhone sales grow from year to year, but Apple will be very hard to continue this trend. The research firm GBH Insights has released a report that indicates imminent problem for Apple in the sphere of mobile devices.

The global market for premium smartphones crossed the peak point, and will soon decline. Marketers, Apple has prepared a new conjecture, introducing iPhone X for $ 1,000. Thanks to a dear device, the company managed to increase revenues, virtually increasing the volume of sales.

The reason for the slowing sales of the iPhone and smartphones in General, is very simple — people rarely move to a new device if the old one is working properly. On the chart below, GBH Insights demonstrated how new features affect people’s decisions to purchase a new iPhone model.

(Source image: Business Insider, BI)

The representative of GBH Insights, told the journalist BI:

Despite the release of new, innovative features of the smartphone, the device owners look at their basic needs.

One of the main requirements is high-quality and a capacious battery. Users are also important to the clarity of the display, camera power, speed, sound quality and memory on the device.

Another problem for Apple is that the iPhone, being very loyal, use their smartphones longer than owners of smart phones of other companies. This means that the next purchase will be soon.

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