Why is “the law of the Spring is to be paid subscribers?

One of the most discussed events of recent weeks in the Russian economy was the so-called “law of Spring”. On why the new initiative of the authorities will have to pay subscribers, said in the program Vestifinance Explorer Alexey Bobrovsky.

In fact it is not a law, but a package of laws envisaging amendments to the criminal and Criminal Procedure codes, plus 10 separate laws. There is a question of life imprisonment for international terrorism, criminal liability for terrorism since the age of 14, etc., etc., but also an obligation for service providers, instant messengers and social networks to store and transmit where it should, if necessary, all the information about the conversations and the correspondence of users. Well, to pass — still okay — we understand, at what time and in what century they live, and, most likely, we already know everything, but that’s how it store and how much it will cost?

So this topic became the most discussed in the Russian economy… the authors of the laws, probably did not think about such fame. Questions for the legislators is clear: is there any understanding of the people who write the laws, how does the world experience in this area. About terrorism it is clear, we are talking about data storage, about the technical possibilities of modern instant messengers, and so encrypt your correspondence, and there is nothing to store. About the cost of upgrading equipment to hundreds? Did MPs and senators — the authors of these laws with representatives of business? And what’s the hurry anyway, how cool, they had it all taken in the last session before the holidays?

It is clear that people who do not have business, its interests are not trained to think in principle. But wait, when the business will come and point out the flaws in the law… some kind of logic curve.

But there are still a couple of questions. Why by default this history means increased cost, for example, cellular communication? The three largest mobile operators the net to arrive in 2015 — 130 billion rubles for three. MTS and “Megaphone” the profitability of the business above 40% for MTS and “Beeline” ARPU — the average revenue per subscriber – more than $5, which is better than companies like Facebook and Zynga. As would be a sin to complain of poverty and difficulties.

Main question: why national security should pay a subscriber? If the government believes that this segment of it security is insufficient, with which we can agree, that’s why it is automatically shifted to people, i.e. clients not on income earning of the company?

Calms one: business telecoms in Russia, for all its strangeness is still one of the most open. Be sure to find one who in total price increase, dempingovat, wanting to fight for the client.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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