Why Meizu is not going to release a smartphone with support for 5G

More and more smartphone manufacturers release phones with support of networks 5G. One of the few who have not done so, remains the Chinese Meizu. And for that, she has a reason.The decision not to produce smartphones with support for 5G was taken personally by Meizu CEO Jack Wong. According to the head of the company, the current smartphones running the network 5G, represent only the first generation devices, and they need a serious improvement.

As noted by Wong, Meizu does not want to risk producing phones with technologies that are not yet proven. The company plans to wait for the second generation of smartphones when manufacturers will take into account the mistakes of their predecessors and correct them. Based on these phones, Meizu will also examine their shortcomings and make their phones with 5G, which will not repeat the failures. In addition, Wong is confident that this time it will be improved and the network itself.

It is expected that the first phone Meizu with support for 5G networks will be released in 2021 — then, in theory, should be third generation smartphone that works with 5G.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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