Why Microsoft was wrong about Apple

Ridicule producers on top of each other recently found the magnitude of this epidemic. Moreover, owing to the “virus” was so devastating that to stand under her onslaught failed even the body of such industry giants as Microsoft and Samsung. The only thing the “infection” passed, was the company Apple has a very strong immunity and protect yourself against all adversity.

While the position of the PC market remains quite fragile, the interest in touch “tablets in General and iPad in particular is growing by leaps and bounds. This was in the middle of last week told reporters The New York Times, citing analysts Forrester. The main demand of “Apple” tablets, interestingly, provided not ordinary consumers, but quite respectable enterprises, among which there were even government agencies.

According to experts, the leadership of the US State Department and corporations like British Airways and Cisco absolutely not embarrassed by the lack of the Apple connectors for memory cards and other interfaces like Ethernet or USB. To a greater extent, as it turned out, enterprise customers pay attention to the stability of the software, protection of system from unauthorized access and intuitive interface. Any of the above devices running Android and Windows, apparently, do not possess.

To name the exact number of sold tablets analysts refused, noting, however, high authority of the company in the corporate sector of the market. According to representatives of Apple Inc., in Cupertino are working hard to make the life of each client better and easier, regardless of the legal status of the latter. As expected, neither Microsoft nor Samsung to establish a similar bond strengths to date have not succeeded.

Still funny, Microsoft?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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