Why Movavi Clips — best replacement for the annoying iMovie on iOS

Free app videoredaktor Movavi will allow to forget about too difficult to manage iMovie. Trimming clips, adding stickers and changing colors you can now do with your iPhone, using the materials that are stored in user’s iCloud.

Movavi is one of the few free apps that will bypass iMovie in terms of capabilities and functionality. It can become the third party program that can replace the built-in video editor from Apple.

In order to begin editing your video, simply add the required content from the gallery iPhone. To work, you can choose one or several spots, including even those that are not stored in the gallery and in the cloud service iCloud.

In the standard package of features Movavi includes the possibility of displacement and rotation of the rollers and adding animated transitions from one video to another. Video can be cut using the scissor icon. Importantly, the app lets you choose background music for video: composition, you can choose among the built-in audio tracks and downloaded on the iPhone. One of the advantages of this option is the certification tracks: all songs purchased by the makers of Movavi that allows you to easily publish your videos to YouTube without fear of blocking video and copyright infringement.

Movavi in editing the visual component offers nearly the same options as most photo editors. Users can edit the color saturation in the video and its brightness. The last point is particularly relevant in cases where the video was filmed in bad lighting.

For fans of creativity, the app offers a great set of stickers and labels in different styles. Many of them are available in the free version of the app, but for some you need to pay extra. Regularly for holidays such as New year, Movavi produces its own set of stickers.

The Movavi app for iOS can be downloaded for free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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