Why Russia is preparing its “iOS”, or the day when smartphones will turn into a “brick”

The Russian company “Open mobile platform” (OMP) Grigory Berezkin leads the development of the domestic operating system alternative to iOS and Android. It is called Sailfish Mobile OS RUS. The company has applied for inclusion of platforms to the registry of domestic software. Based operating system with elements of open source code will initially be run three smartphone. Little, who sees the sense of launching phones in the domestic operating system, and some experts have obviously announced the failure of the project. Journalist Sergey Polovnikov considers the creation of a competitor to the us iOS and Android not only appropriate, but mandatory under the circumstances.


On this day, nothing foretold trouble. At noon, in the middle of the day, went out monitors laptops and tablets, smartphones and televisions, lost power, stopped the train, and the sky began to fall planes. And only a few days when the chaos reached its climax, they came. Koreans. The North Koreans. Came with humanitarian aid and decided to stay forever. Such is the plot of the plot of the game Homefront: Revolution. But don’t smile, everything described could occur in the near future.

A few years ago under pressure from law enforcement agencies of the Korean smartphone makers have built a mechanism to force a remote shutdown device. The goal is simple ā€” to make them not so desirable to thieves. The smartphone owner can remotely turn it into a brick fit except for the details. Later the same tools for citizens demanded that us lawmakers. State by state, the “switch of death” has become an integral part of any smartphone. If it is connected to a network, disable it will not be easy. The only question is who controls the switch. So far so good, quiet and calm, the man in the street these conspiracy theories very interesting. But on the day when his smartphone will become a brick, he remembers about those funny peasants in suits who proposed to create a domestic secure operating system.

I honestly himself from the camp of skeptics. I can’t believe at least one of the contenders for the Russian development of mobile platform is committed to create a product. Too big budget, too attracted by the sound of the Golden saws, too easy is the process of budget implementation. The only option that I can still believe it’s the creation of a platform for military structures. It is, in principle, for a long time suggests, it’s not only the Americans have the program of control of nuclear missiles are on ten floppy disks. But it’s not the Soviet Union, and then what the military will do for themselves, is unlikely to be scaled for civilian purposes. First, expensive, second, will not appreciate. When the progressive community turning over the Minister of communications, desperately trying to push the idea of import substitution in the field of software, it is difficult to imagine that ordinary citizens will like the idea. They, these people, have seen domestic “Yota phone”. Poor piece of plastic with two screens and high, respectively twice the price.

Meanwhile, our own platform we need. It is not a question of convenience, but of survival. It is foolish to think that Google or Apple is the God’s dandelions, and other monsters of the type of Facebook or Twitter in the case of the conventional “signal X” will not disable anything and everything conditional the enemy. Besides, they already run the mechanics of a local outage in the Crimea, where you have confidence that in the conditions of a hypothetical conflict between good American Internet companies refuse to help uncle Sam?

At the time of the even more devastating German offensive on the Soviet Union saved the Russkaya railway track, which is much wider. To ensure the delivery of goods, had to overload the structures on the border with the Soviet republics, which greatly increased the delivery time and complicated logistics. It is believed that all these excuses and tales, but an example of the coercion of the Baltic countries to shift the railway line “to ensure rapid supply of NATO troops” demonstrates: our sworn friends learn from the mistakes of the past. Especially in the sphere of high technologies is nothing will not have to rebuild ā€” the population of Russia, including state structures, happily sitting on Windows, Android and iOS. Three American operating systems.

You can laugh to colic, but that does not negate the need for a software platform. Is it something created on the basis of the Sailfish, or borrowed from the Koreans with their stillborn Tizen is not so important. It is important to control the “switch of death”. As shown, our foreign partners are not very interested in what is happening in Russia. They already missed the deployment of the GLONASS system and lost the ability to turn off the navigation system. They have missed the rearmament of the Russian army, the development of new offensive weapons. Who knows, maybe this time they missed. But Russia will have its own operating system.

Not necessarily the device itself must be produced here. In the end, and carriages on the rail of the big role do not play. Much more important ā€” what their chassis, the truck, which move on the stretch between the Russian and European gauge. And there’s nothing wrong with that, we will have our own track in your mobile devices.

Will come in handy.

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