Why the Apple engineer was rightly fired for video of his daughter with the iPhone X

So are large corporations. Humble.

Last week in the States has died down a sad but instructive story. The daughter of one of the engineers Apple has long blokovoe recorded video, which for a few minutes in the shot of the iPhone X.

“This is exactly “ten”, not “x”!” – chirped a plump blonde and her dad were there and also poked in a new iPhone. Then the girl briefly showed the iPhone interface X, walked around the applications and moved on to another topic.

Again: the video was not the goal to demonstrate the new iPhone lady just took pictures of typical vlog about my life.

Unfortunately for the Apple engineer, the movie immediately became popular. Pro iPhone X now very little information, so any hit in the frame becomes a sensation. And there is, in fact, turned out the propagation.

Of course, my daughter has deleted the video, but it’s been spread across the network. To escape and to hide it was too late.

Less than two days after the publication vloga, father blogers kicked out of Apple.

On the one hand, it is easy to assume that Cupertino acted too harshly.

First, at the presentation of iPhone X reporters were allowed to shoot the first one, so nothing overhandling girl is not posted.

Second, the video has hit the net just a couple of days before the start of pre-orders is nothing. Now, if the fool lit the device the day before the premiere, her dad should not simply dismiss, and drive the filthy broom.

Third, Tim cook himself lit up with iPhone X – he stuck in his pocket.

Fourth, the reputation of the Apple generally does not hurt.

Fifth, it would be possible to do a reprimand, a fine or reprimand, and not to deprive a person of work. Moreover, the author of the video is not an engineer, and his stupid daughter.

But Apple acted purely bureaucratic and sent the man to the labour exchange.

How do I tell people who are close to the company and know its rules, the worst thing for an employee to deviate from the instructions.

Most likely, the instructions of this man was clear, specific and detailed confidentiality, but a loving father could not resist and was pleased with the girl new iPhone.

It is worth Recalling that the recording vloga happened in September, that is, immediately after the announcement – the girl said it herself in the video. So Apple rightly judged that they do not need such an unprincipled, good-natured, careless and unreliable employee who, using official position that provokes leak.

Besides, everything points to the fact that the engineer was not indispensable, otherwise it would (in theory) could apply an individual approach.


Interestingly, the girl who framed his father, recorded another video and explained how it happened.

He has already gathered over three million views, but comments are disabled there: it’s easy to understand why. The blonde said that she is shooting a video with iPhone X pure (memory), and then suddenly decided to post, not expecting that it would become so popular.

What can I say? She should only sympathize, since it really are unable to adequately assess the situation.

The moral: Apple has been hard, but prudently and wisely.

Engineer what for at first gave the daughter a copy unreleased iPhone, and then forgot to explain to a grown-up girl that to 3 November, the device should not get anywhere at all.

Frankly, Apple got rid of the irresponsible idiot who will now not easy to find a job in a normal Corporation.

PS anyone who pities engineer good, I recommend reading the interview with the girl that worked on Apple Watch. Then you probably realize the level of secrecy at Apple.

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