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Apple Music is the product, is far from ideal, but is by no means unambiguous. Music streaming service, along with the defects, was not devoid and some competitive advantages. However, it came too late.

As you know, in the world of high technology, time is the only irreplaceable resource. While the staff of the “fruit” of the Corporation was watching the market and “feel” the soil, the competitors grew and self-improvement. This waiting has cost Apple the loss of a significant share of sales in iTunes. Meanwhile, financial investments in streaming services has increased by more than half.

Despite the protests of recording artists and record companies a relatively meager earnings on streaming services, their popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. With the development of high-speed Internet listening to music online has become much more preferred. Moreover, no longer need to buy each album individually. Now you can buy a monthly subscription and listen to the hundreds of thousands of audio recordings without restrictions. From the point of view of the consumer this option looks the most attractive.

As for Apple Music, his announcement looks too late. Let Apple own service a few years earlier — consumers (in the absence of alternatives) with pleasure would use “Apple” brainchild. In those days, when Spotify was still a “fledgling chick”, and Google Play Music no one has heard, Apple could “roll out” to the market his vision of a music service. It be caused by a bad experience of a network Ping, or the company’s confidence in the firmness of positions iTunes unknown. However, the situation with Apple’s service today seems not too stable.

Some critics suggested that the translation of the Apple Music on-Freemium-subscription similar to Spotify. For example, the Swedish service has 75 million active subscribers, 30% of which purchase paid subscriptions. Based on the most optimistic data, subscribers to the “Apple” of music there are only about 5 million users.

Distribution policy Spotify has been extremely successful. Giving users to try a “taste” of music, the Swedes unobtrusively suggests to subscribe. However, it was possible to listen to the whole music library, but with limited quality. Jimmy Iovin, the mastermind of Apple Music, from such imitation refused.

There is no doubt that dedicated fans of Yandex.Music or Pandora will not leave their own playlists and the familiar interface of the service, to try something “Apple”-a new. However Apple Music still a great source of income for the producer and artists.

Management of the company believes that the brand will work for them for years, forcing fans of the iPhone and Mac to use the “native” service. In addition, even 1 million subscribers will be able to provide the aggregate profit of about 120 million dollars a year. Not bad for “emergency” option, because there are still popular iTunes.

Also, the company has plenty of chances to entice new customers. For example, to offer semiannual subscription for the music when buying a new device. Or develop a deeper synchronization with existing products. For example, with the Apple Watch.

“Smart” watch from Apple is known to have so-called sensors for tracking health media. One only heart rate monitor could monitor the status of the user while listening to different songs. The body can tell us much more than we do. For example, increased heart rate while listening to your favorite music. Or calm that we feel, plunging the soul in a calm and relaxed song. In short, the mass of options, but it is small. Implementing something like this won’t be a “craftsman” Apple easy.

Conclusions. Despite the many weaknesses and the delay to the release, Apple Music is a promising service that could get to the top and contend with the giants of the market. But even if that happens, Apple will be able to recoup the cost and to bring “Music” to oblivion, as was the case with Ping.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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