Why the iPad never had a calculator?

We are sure that when you first bought your iPad, did you expect to find in it the same stock apps that were in your iPhone. But after a while you find that the list of firmware in the tablet is somewhat different: for example, there is no common Calculator. Think we managed to find the answer to the question of why Apple decided not to equip such an important iPad app. Spoiler: this again is due to the perfectionism of Steve jobs.

The answer was found on the website Reddit, where one user stating that once worked at Apple, revealed all the cards. Although no evidence of a man with the nickname Tangoshukudal was not charged, his explanation looks quite logical and probable. Will give him the floor:

This is a very funny story. When preparing a prototype of the iPad, they ported it from iOS calculator, which was stretched across the whole screen. So were all prototypes, and all hoped that the product will be delivered. A month before the release of Steve jobs called into the office of Scott Forstall and asked:

ā€” Where’s the new design of the calculator? This looks terrible.
ā€” What new design? So we planned to sell it.
ā€” No, scrub that. We can’t put it in this form.

Scott fought to keep this calculator, but realized that to create a new design he had to get the Department of development GUI. Because in such a short time it was impossible, it was decided to refuse the application. Since the calculator was not included in the list of priority work projects and not got around because there were much more important things to do.

Of course, this may be another tale, but agree that such an attitude is very in the spirit of Steve jobs or will it be perfect, or we won’t have this issue. It remains only to answer the question: why Jonny Ive, who completely rewrote the GUI in iOS is the seventh version of the system, never took the time to create nice calculator for your iPad? Apparently, again there were more important things.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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