Why the iPad Pro is a great tool for the photographer

The first “professional” tablet from Apple is able to expand the knowledge of users about the pill. Another thing is that not everyone needs it, but to become a great companion for the photographer the iPad Pro can easily.

With its excellent Retina display with great color and a diagonal of almost 13 inches, the tablet will allow you to appreciate the nuances of the photos to see it in original resolution, avoiding a permanent increase. Support for Apple Pencil, in turn, will give the photographer additional functionality while editing, which will make up for the missed opportunities during the adjustment by means of specialized software. Want to lighten a certain area of the image or look good? Use Pixelmator or Photoshop Fix from Adobe, which is able to fully realize the potential of the “Pencil”.

Another huge advantage of the iPad Pro is the support for multi-window mode. This extremely useful feature, which first debuted in iOS 9 will enable you to simultaneously open the same photo in two parallel Windows and, if necessary, applied to compare the effects with the source. Fortunately, more and more developers tend to implement similar feature in their applications. In particular, Adobe has adapted its editor to the requirements of the iPad Pro & iOS 9.

Perhaps you will say that true professionals are working exclusively with the RAW format, and devices running iOS only support JPEG, and is therefore not fit for work. But no. To help any coming momentarily library iCloud Photo Library, which will allow you to work with RAW files without downloading them to the tablet, and to apply changes to the JPEG copy. Yes, it is a “crutch”, but it’s better than nothing.

Also a great help in the work of the photographer will be recently presented an adapter from SD to Lightning that supports data transfer standard USB 3.0. In the past this method of loading images onto the tablet looked very uninteresting and ineffective, but discharge at higher speeds of the third generation works wonders. Imagine: 40 photos in RAW+JPEG total weight of one and a half gigabytes transferred in just 30 seconds. It is a striking result.

Let’s hope that software developers will pay attention to the remarkable potential of the iPad Pro will release at least “palmdesktop” versions of their applications, endowed with enhanced functionality.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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