Why the next Google Pixel should do Xiaomi

Such solution has no cons.

While Apple counts the pre-orders for the iPhone X and knows how to satisfy a huge demand, Google soothing drink and fight with a flurry of negativity.

The main reason for rabies – a failed update Google Pixel.

If HTC (author Junior “Pixel”) with the mission coped more or less tolerable, the LG screwed up a little more than full.

XL-the flagship of the incorrect color display, the pixels of its screen fade and from the housing you can hear strange noises.

And all this amid constant news of instability of the system, which crash even regular applications.

It seems that Google urgently needs to change something.

The best option – to agree on cooperation with Xiaomi and observe how the “Pixels” become international bestsellers.

Here’s why:

1. Already have a successful experience

Xiaomi Mi A1 could be despised only for an obscene budget screen, but otherwise this device has deservedly become one of the most sensational and attractive phones by the fall-2017.

Mi A1 has already been called the best gadget in the Android One: thanks to dual-camera and powerful processor, clean system and a good battery.

Experiment with attraction of Xiaomi was so successful, to the extent possible – should continue.

2. Guaranteed price drop

Xiaomi Mi A1 cost less than 300 dollars cheaper than the “Nexus” in the best of times.

The dependence is very simple: while Google has made available devices, all of them extolled, and as soon as the company moved into the category of expensive smartphones, the enthusiasm ended.

For example, right now in mountain view oborzeli completely new “Pixels” (price – close to a thousand bucks) has not received the headphones in the kit. This does not allow even Apple.

If Google really wants to break into the mobile market with its hit, better companion than Xiaomi, is simply not to find.

First, the Chinese have a huge experience of creating devices in the categories of “up to $ 200”, “300 dollars” and “$ 500”.

Second, they will come to the question of quality control more responsible than sloths from LG, which suddenly failed elite customer.

Conclusion: the involvement of Xiaomi will mean that Google returned on the price segment, where he won all the respect. People still remember the great Nexus 5. Xiaomi will definitely be able to produce something similar – such as cheap, cool and massive.

3. A collaboration of the two systems

Xiaomi terribly proud of his shell MIUI: for frequent updates, original interface, built-in apps and other chips.

However, as practice shows, a standard (“pure”) Android also has loyal fans: if they were not, something about Xiaomi Mi A1 I would not say so much as now.

In theory, Google and Xiaomi could combine efforts to develop the next version of Android.

Alternatively, should pump mode for one hand (in MIUI it better) power saving mode (in MIUI it more flexible) and working with screenshots (this feature even stole Apple).

Xiaomi bosses, in turn, would learn how to improve your launcher because now the shell MIUI objectively:

a) weak in the notification;

b) not always stable (to put it mildly).

4. Xiaomi will move forward

There is a haunting feeling that after a big growth (2014) the Chinese bosses do not quite understand in what direction to develop. Of course, you can clone the model Redmi, to release a cheap flagship (copy paste iPhone/Galaxy) to fight for the championship in China, but this way is devoid of ambition and destined only for the development of dumping.

Hardly every year Xiaomi wants to lower the price even further just to stay on top and compete with other local producers.

Interaction with Google will save you from many problems: Xiaomi breaks into the key markets will be truly global, not purely Asian manufacturer. You can then increase the price, because the status of Xiaomi then will change: the company will jump approximately on the level of Huawei.

5. Fan base

Cooperate with Xiaomi, Google will have the most loyal audience on the IT market. The phenomenon of Xiaomi is possible to study quite a long time, but the fact remains that this brand now support more intense than any football team.

Heroes of mouse and keyboard ready for hours to protect in review honor of native firms, proving to the haters that Xiaomi Mi6 – the best flagship on the market, and Mi Mix 2 a thousand light years ahead in the development of the iPhone X.

Google don’t even have to invest in advertising – fans of Chinese do it yourself.

P. S. Yes, Google actually bought the HTC, but this does not mean that the Taiwanese company has become the pocket-manufacturer American giant. Details of the transaction are closed, but there is a chance that patents can be used in other products.

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