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The variety of novelties that were presented at the presentation on September 9, we have completely lost sight of the iPad mini 4. The little tablet from Cupertino, as stated, internally turned out a complete copy of the iPad Air 2. Does that make him a favorite to buy – try to understand.

In last year’s “MINICOM” equipped with a Touch ID scanner and added the Golden color of the case, giving it a sequence number “3”. Want to get 8-inch tablet with a processor AH left holding the bag. But owners of the 2nd version were glad that their gadget does not turned into a pumpkin.

This time the tablet has improved on all fronts. Powerful 64-bit processor, a new graphics accelerator, 2 GB of RAM – and all this in a body thickness of 6.1 mm. actually Apple was disingenuous, stating that “iron” from the “air” is completely migrated to the “little fellow”. Despite the overclocked A8 chip, he’s still weaker AH. And the price, given the current dollar exchange rate, simply space. But why the iPad mini 2 is a much better option to purchase?

Back to the A8 processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. The Geekbench test assessed the overall performance of the system in 3121 points. It is virtually indistinguishable from those indicators that show the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. And compared to the A7 chip in iPad mini 2 and 3, the increase in speed is only 20%.

The third “MINICOM” with the fingerprint scanner is no longer sold, but instead we are offered the second generation for 269 dollars. And this, I tell you, just fine. First, the iPad mini 2 with 32 GB will cost only $ 319. But if you will be enough 16 GB in the iPad mini 4, be prepared to shell out $ 499 for the drive the next gradation. The overpayment in this case is more than $ 200. As the dollar persistently dripping on the brain.

Yet there is a criterion by which updated “MINICOM” still twice the predecessor. The amount of RAM to 2GB will not increase the speed, but will keep the device in the background more tabs in the browser and running apps. In General, your humble servant believes that pay for the extra Gigabyte of RAM doesn’t look adequate investment.

Small tip: try to refuse third-party browsers and use Safari. He’s much more confident working with lots of tabs and not prone to frequent crashes like Google Chrome.

If this article has not convinced you – welcome on the Apple website. There you can compare all iPad models are available to choose from.

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