Why we don’t like group chats

Some people love group chats, and others hate them and leave, not saying why. What compels them to make such a decision?

According to experts, the popularity of group chats continues to grow. Throughout the year every day creates about two and a half million multi-user conferences, and their number is constantly growing. Experts believe that the main feature of group chat is to unite a variety of people to discuss common interests and solve operational issues. However, the users more often in the last time leave multiplayer discussion. So why do they do it?

Quite a lot of reasons: lack of time, low relevance of the received information, and others. the im Clients do not feel that I can contribute to the overall conversation. Group conversations in messenger with the same format of communication in real life, so when users leave the group, this occurs for the same reasons, when people leave the room when it becomes interesting.

The Millennials are not accustomed to spending a lot of time searching for the necessary information, so users annoying waste of free minutes on it in chat rooms, where a day comes for 300 messages. This problem could be solved with a search on the messages, but it still takes more time than we would like, and it is not always convenient.

Im clients also irritate endlessly distracting alertsthat do not focus on work or school, interfere with sleep or even waking in the night, creating excessive noise.

People can irritate when they ask me a question, but don’t get an answer on time or at all. This is especially true in cases where the participants are online.

Another problem is that in large group chats is impossible to conduct a constructive dialogue, because people need each other not listening and quickly switch from one topic to another. With this, for example, iMessage users face when using group video chat, in which both involved a huge number of people and it is impossible to focus on the individual speaker, who said the most important things.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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