Why Xiaomi will inevitably become the next Apple

Paul Gorodnitsky analyzed the latest releases of Asian companies and realized that Xiaomi chose absolutely the right strategy to capture the market.

In 2014, when Xiaomi climbed to the top of infochip, ambitious Corporation is constantly called “Chinese Apple”. Most often this label was used by the Russian journalists who recorded the familiar triggers (jeans founder, the creation of smart phones) and did a superficial conclusions.

Comparison with Apple looked absolutely idiotic for anyone at least a little immersed in the topic. From Xiaomi was initially other valuables: the Chinese are not focused on revenue from a single device, and the earnings using the proprietary applications. Accordingly, the gadgets were sold virtually at cost – Xiaomi once tried to take a number, and not expensive innovation.

Even the lei Jun (CEO) recognized that China is likely to work the concept of Apple with curved labels and obsession with every detail. Xiaomi chose the opposite tactics and threw the shelves of cheap, but cool for the money smartphones.

Since then three years have passed. During this time the Chinese have experienced several microcrisis (e.g., failed expansion), but became much more powerful. If you look closely to their fresh products, it turns out that Xiaomi can now attract more fans than Apple.

Below are the three main pluses of the Corporation of lei Jun.

1. Speed

In the fall of 2016 in the social network has penetrated the render huge frameless smartphone. “Wow, what a fun and beautiful idea, Xiaomi” – he inspired IT-journalists. To everyone’s surprise, the picture was not some crazy concept, and advertising the finished device – it was announced just a few days after discharge.

And let Xiaomi Mi Mix in reality looks a little different than on the promo pictures, this story is very characteristic in itself. It shows: Xiaomi realize that to postpone the releases we don’t have to bomb them today, not tomorrow or the day after.

Apple has this sense of time is gone – there or look to the future under his own right (remember the connectors), or even insolently delay output of products, realizing that fans of the company and so all buy.

Now this scheme works, but after a few years it most certainly will lead to failure. Because people do not excite technology if they can not touch it right now.

2. Prices

It seems that Xiaomi is desperately dumping, but no, the Chinese just don’t pluck. Even in their homeland full of brands that sell smartphones even cheaper, just Xiaomi leads the most reasonable pricing. Please note: they do not produce extreme budget smartphones, but eager to conquer the largest and most in-demand niche – niche devices for 200-300 dollars.

In the coming years this strategy will make the company the king of the market – even in golovskoy environment felt incredible excitement from Xiaomi Mi A1, a device for 220 dollars, which suddenly gave pure Android.

To understand Xiaomi phones become a common working tool, the fall of the average price can not be avoided. Hence the growth in sales: people who share views in a spirit of “well the iPhone, Xiaomi all the same thing three times cheaper”, with each month becomes more and more.

3. Diversity

Directory of Apple products is getting poorer from year to year: the Corporation is so focused on extracting profits from iPhones that she has no time for anything else. Line or die (iPod and MacBook Air) or get a minor update (Apple Watch), or are postponed “for later”, as HomePod, which is late for three years.

Xiaomi, in turn, have nothing to lose, so the Chinese safely climb in all categories and set attractive prices. Look at the situation objectively. Everyone has a happy friend with your Xiaomi Mi Band. Everyone advised a hefty external battery from Xiaomi. Every least corner of my eye saw reviews e-scooter Xiaomi. Every where heard, what action camera Xiaomi – the best thing to buy if GoPro think extradurally.

Smart sneakers, TV consoles, DVRs, televisions, selfie sticks, laptops, even the toilet paper – hungry and greedy triumph Xiaomi is looking for passionate sphere, not only milks a legendary product.

It is clear that because of the inflated range the Chinese have no such pathetic Prime as Apple, but whether they do in 2017? Or more important to do a thing, to put it an appropriate price tag and put on sale?

It is suspected that the second approach is more promising and more practical.


Of course, the path to the throne will be long. For example, Xiaomi has not yet dealt with patents for the full release on the key markets (USA, Western Europe), has not developed his own style (Mi7 already confirmed wireless charging – what could it be?) not finished his long-suffering shell MIUI, but it’s all passable barriers.

The Chinese have clearly gathered momentum and will not stop until they dominate the market. And then the tone jony Ive, contemptuously accused Xiaomi of stealing, changes from sarcastic to scared.

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