Will 10 beta versions and the GM release to fix all bugs in iOS 11?

Tomorrow, September 12, Apple will unveil iOS 11. New firmware received not only a lot of different changes, but the largest number of beta builds.

Before the official release, developers and participants of the open beta testing were able to find ten test builds of the new platform. In addition, the network merged and GM release of iOS 11.

Every previous iOS release was accompanied by a different number of pre-Assembly for developers. The program is in beta-testing allows Apple to find and fix bugs before the official release of the firmware. Last year 10 got iOS 8 beta assemblies and the Golden Master release. A year earlier pre-release versions of iOS 9 was 5. In 2015 and 2014 Apple introduced iOS 8 and iOS 7 after 6 beta tests. As in the case of iOS 10, iOS 5 was presented after 8 test versions.

To explain the different number of prerelease builds, you can updates and, consequently, errors in the new functions. The more new will be added, the more difficult just to keep track of problems.

A few days ago the network leaked the GM version of iOS 11, which also discovered many small and nasty bugs. Since the GM release is not usually different from the final version, probably the majority of errors found will be present in iOS 11 after my presentation tomorrow.

Despite the fact that iOS 11 will be more stable than previous versions, and more productive, especially on older devices, install it immediately after have on your own risk. Usually, a large error Apple fixes in subsequent updates.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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