Windows 10 Anniversary Update: top 5 new features of the anniversary update

2 Aug will be released the first major update to Windows 10. Previously known as the Redstone update was named Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

In this release a modified dark theme and a number of other interface improvements. In particular, the “live tile” will not just display content, and keep at it: if you see a specific you are interested in news, and the hyperlink will take you directly to it.

Microsoft has grouped the innovations in the anniversary update in six areas: security, Cortana, handwriting, Microsoft Edge video games, the introduction in schools. We will talk about five key innovations that are relevant for most Windows users 10.

1. Extension support Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser will get extensions support, which is present in all popular browsers. At the initial stage will appear the extension, Pinterest, Amazon, AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and LastPass. Download them from Windows store.

In addition, the updated version of Edge will be less load on the hardware resources. Reduced number of CPU cycles, the volume of the occupied operative memory. The browser will consume less resources in the background.

2. Sync phone notifications from the computer

In Windows 10, the Anniversary Update will be a function that allows you to not only sync messages and notifications of the smartphone with the computer, but to answer it from the computer. All work is performed in the environment of the notification center in Windows. Like Handoff feature on iPhone, iPad and Mac users will be able to quickly send content from your smartphone to computer and Vice versa.

3. Automatic setting of time zone

Not that noticeable for all the improvements — update sets date and time according to the current time zone so that manual reset is not necessary. For those who travel a lot and had to manually adjust the clock, it will be practical.

4. New features biometric authorization

Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring support for the authentication system in Windows Hello Windows application and the browser Edge. This means that the user can use biometric authentication not only at login in Windows, but also to prove their identity on websites that are opened in Explorer, Microsoft.

5. Apps for Windows 10 on Xbox One

With the release of the Anniversary Update will be able to run programs on the Xbox One. Universal apps in the future will be able to contribute to the blurring of the lines between the computer and a game console. Developers, in turn, have everything you need to easily produce universal apps.

Program Xbox Play Anywhere will allow you to purchase computer games on Windows 10 and Xbox One, the user will not have to pay twice, all hamzawy and achievements will be synchronized.


As a bonus in Anniversary Update, we can mention bash for Windows 10.

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