Windows 10 users have criticized the new design of the start menu in update Anniversary Update

Microsoft is currently testing a new design of the start menu, which should be part of the Anniversary update Update. Writes Oszone, the novelty had in mind not all users.

Updated “start menu” appeared in the preliminary build of Windows 10 14332. To change, according to the developers, is to accelerate access to applications. A new “hamburger”menu has options for off, Explorer, settings, and account, and a list of all applications available immediately after opening the menu.

The application “Windows Feedback” in Windows 10 contains a large number of negative reviews of this design, many users asked Microsoft to return to the previous option. More moderate opponents of the innovations I propose to introduce the option to switch between the old and the new variant menu.

Users of Windows systems is quite conservative and changes the usual elements for many years often bring upon a barrage of criticism of Microsoft. In particular, this applies to the appearance in Windows 10 menu with live tiles in it, although they can be easily removed, then it is little different from the classic version.

Such frequent change in the appearance of the start menu” causes frustration for many: last summer there appeared a menu with the tiles, in the November update the number of rows of tiles has been increased, and this summer the view may again be updated. In Microsoft say that the final decision is still pending and depends on user feedback.

Update Windows 10 Anniversary Update was presented at the end of March. The platform will be free for all existing users of the axis and get a number of new features. So, there will be a means of biometric identification that were previously only available when you log into the system, the possibility of drawing on the screen with a stylus that can recognize the effect of depression and certain other innovations.

The release of the Anniversary Update is expected in July. The participants of the program testing Windows Insiders got access to a preview version in late April.

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