Wireless charger makes iPhone OvRcharge levitate [video]

Company AR Designs has developed a charger OvRcharge for smartphones, which makes gadgets to levitate. The authors of the project successfully completed a project on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The basis of charging is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction that occurs between two flat coils. One of them is located in the heart of the charger and connected to the power supply, and the second is in charge of the apparatus.

Common models of mobile devices will be able to use for this special case, and to unsupported smartphones you can connect the magnets produced by third-party manufacturers. It is noteworthy that while charging the iPhone will not just hang in the air, and slowly rotate.

OvRcharge supports devices weighing up to 600 g, allowing you to charge not only smartphones, but tablets as well. Although in this case the rate of energy transfer will be relatively low. The base model OvRcharge can transmit 500 mAh, and modification of Ultra — 700 mAh.

The cost of new items is approximately $ 200 depending on version. OvRcharge the beginning of deliveries expected in December.

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