Wireless headphones Beats Solo3 Wireless working range of over 120 metres

For reviews of the first users, new wireless headphones Apple Beats Solo3 Wireless work at a distance more than 120 meters from the iPhone, despite the fact that certification of a Class 1 involves working distance up to 90 meters.

A MacRumors reader has tested a new model of Beats headphones paired with iPhone 6 Plus. He set the phone on a tripod and began to move away from the device measuring range of device. At a distance of up to 120 meters reception was very positive, and only after that began the interference. Even after 240 meters from the iPhone, Jim could still hear music through Beats Solo3.

At that time, like standard Bluetooth 5.0 will support the work at a distance up to 240 metres, iPhone 6 Plus supports Bluetooth 4.0 Class 2, and the radius of the wireless interface is only 10 meters. Somehow, Solo3 Wireless bypass Bluetooth audio source restriction.

Apple introduced a Wireless Beats Solo3 in tandem with the iPhone 7, to minimize the lack of a 3.5 mm connector in smartphones. The company also presented a new model of EarPods, connected via the Lightning port, wireless AirPods, BeatsX and PowerBeats3 Wireless. The last two will go on sale later this year.

All the new headphones are equipped with a processor Apple W1, which simplifies the process of connecting to the iPhone and provides a long time battery life.

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