Wireless speaker Philips: not only for iPhone and iPad

Now on the market sound so much compact wireless speaker systems that look at first. But in all this variety there is a big disadvantage: among them it is difficult to find the column with the optimal combination of sound, pictures and design. It seems that one of these speakers and came recently to us in edition.

Portable wireless speaker system from Philips with a stern code name BT6600B/12 surprised us immediately, as soon as it sounded the first track. Despite its small size, the column has excellent surround sound 360 degrees, because of which it can be installed in any position. But let us all read more.

The speaker system comes in that cute box with the main characteristics and recognizable logo Philips on Board.

The package is not too rich, but has everything you need: two micro-USB cable, power adapter and the special charging station. To charge the device enough to install it on this station previously connected to the network.

Column combines old and new elements: so, for example, to turn on or adjust the sound, you need to use the wheel at the top. In General, the sound system looks very cool ā€” one can see that over the look the designers have tried.

Under the protection located the connector for charging the speaker (if you don’t want to use a docking station), audio input and 2.1 A… connector for connection to external devices! Yes, this sound system can be used as power Bank to charge your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Pure and balanced sound is achieved by double 1.75 inch transducers with neodymium magnets. Bass are amplified with the help of two opposing passive radiators and digital signal processing delivers lifelike sound without distortion. Philips has a proprietary technology that optimizes audio features in a compact package.

For connecting speakers to the device via Bluetooth is a special button, with its help you can answer the call and talk hands-free. Instant transfer of music between the three devices is achieved Multipair ā€” cool that you can pair simultaneously with multiple devices, and then include the composition on any device.

A nice bonus was the opportunity to connect the column to the NFC-enabled smart phone via Bluetooth with one touch. Simply bring your smartphone to the speaker and touch the field NFC, to turn on the system. Water resistant design allows you to use the speaker in the shower, in the kitchen, rainy days and so on. However, under running water it is better not to wet.

That are offline? The manufacturer claims 12 hours of music, we managed to achieve in 11 hours. Amazing result with a weight of only 0.7 kg. the sound system is compatible with most smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth and audio devices.

On the website Philips this audio system can be purchased for 11 990 rubles – quite acceptable price for this feature set. If you have been looking for a compact wireless speaker system, we recommend you to pay attention.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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