“With these approaches and the jobs would never have created the iPhone”: Chubais responded to criticism due to the failures of “Rosnano”

The head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais in an interview to “Vedomosti” commented on criticism of the Russian companies from-for crisis of a large proportion of the projects and other issues. According to him, if this approach was used in the Apple, then the world would never see the iPhone.

“With such harsh approaches and Steve jobs would never have created the iPhone, since it is known to for the failure was fired from Apple! – commented on the journalists ‘ questions Chubais. – Yes, and Elon Musk, apparently, would have been dishonorably discharged from Tesla, since the company was founded in 2003 and since then, for 13 years, she only had one profitable quarter – years profitable did not exist”. Top Manager noted that the whole of Silicon valley was made possible largely thanks to decades of massive infusions of public resources – and primarily U.S. Department of defense”.

Chubais recalled such categories as tolerance to failure (“tolerance for failure”). In his opinion, this “fundamental cultural basis” that separates countries that are able to create an innovation economy, from not able. “Any Fund and worked. He’s always like this: one third of the failures, one third back and forth, another piece of obscure and 2-3 success. This is absolutely standard situation,” he explained.

Chubais said that the results of 2015 “Rosnano” made a profit of 17 billion. “We see that we are in the top 30,” he said. – Profitability we have a second year”. Among the prospective projects, the businessman said the company “the crystal”, which is a world leader in the market of synthetic sapphire and is supplying sapphire glass to Apple and “T-nano”, which released Russia’s first 90-nm processor “Baikal”.

In the past year, we recall, Chubais boasted that successfully completed the project “Russian iPad”. In fact, he talked about the popSLATE case with display e-ink for iPhone.

popSLATE is a partner of another company, Plastic Logic, in which “Rosnano” in 2011, we invested $150 million it was Supposed that this money will be spent on the construction of the plant, which will deliver flexible displays for the “Chubais tablet” – a Russian analogue of iPad for students. The plant was located in Zelenograd. In 2012 it became known that the construction postponed indefinitely, and the company Plastic Logic, in principle, refuses to campaign for the development and production of its own tablet computers and e-readers.

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