With this keychain you will never lose your headphone adapter iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as you know, devoid of the classic audio Jack for headphones. But not all users are delighted with this innova tion. Now to connect the headset to the phone, you must use a special adapter, which is easy to forget or lose, and a new one will cost 800 rubles. But with the keychain Dongle Dangler adapter will always be with you.

Dongle Dangler – thing is pretty original, useful for any owner of iPhone 7. To help can, even when there is no hope. It is a compact keychain that connects to the complete audiophonic Apple. Dongle Dangler with a headphone adapter you can attach on your keychain then it will always be on hand.

Dongle Dangler is a simple adapter that connects to the Apple adapter from the audio input. When you need to listen to music, just disconnect the cable from the keychain and connect it to the iPhone. In other words, this is a nice addition to the Apple branded adapter.

In this case Dongle Dangler can be used as with a proprietary Lightning adapter from Apple, and with adapters with USB-C to connect a 3.5 mm earphone for Android smartphone, deprived of a standard audio Jack.

Pre-order the Dongle Dangler on Kickstarter. The cost of new items at the stage of pre-order is $ 5.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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