Wozniak: Steve jobs was primarily interested in money

One of the founders of Apple is often different and harsh words in the media. This time Steve Wozniak gave an interview with the BBC, which did at first glance innocuous, but at the same time a serious statement.

According to Wozniak, he doesn’t like that Apple pays taxes at a lower rate than he himself.

I work a lot, travel, and pay more than 50 % of the taxes, because I’m confident in that decision. Any company, including Apple, have to pay taxes at this rate.

But even more interesting statement was heard from him after question about Steve Jobs.

Steve jobs founded Apple Computers to make money. In contrast, the material component I am not interested in. Steve wanted money that was and critical, and good at the same time.

The words of Wozniak indirectly undermine the image of jobs as someone who primarily wanted to change the world, not to earn an extra million dollars. That is why the founder of Apple wore the same clothes, drove the same car. However, it is possible that during the existence of Apple Computers Steve jobs really was, and then realized that is really important to him.

Steve Wozniak left Apple in 1985 (not without scandal with the jobs) and has since been involved in charity work and hosts trainings around the world. In an interview with AppleInsider.ru his wife Janet said Wozniak works hard, and he rarely gets a free moment for an interview.

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