WSJ: to Release Apple TV interferes with self-pride

According to the recent report in business daily The Wall Street Journal, the only reason why Apple still did not release the long-awaited TV with support for their services is too high and requests a sharp policy of negotiating with the rest of the TV industry.

The newspaper reports that negotiations between Apple and media giants such as CBS, 21st Century Fox, and Disney, have led to nowhere after the senior Vice President of Apple software eddy cue demanded for the company to pay a fixed monthly fee for each spectator over the next years after the signing of the relevant agreements, thus effectively opposing the annual increase in tariffs, through which the media giants increase their annual income.

The past 16 years, Apple dominates almost every market where it goes. Maybe such harsh tactics and working with the music industry and smaller suppliers of digital content, but to talk in the same tone with the major media corporations, it can only in that case that will offer the best among all other TV service. In the article the Wall Street Journal States that the bosses of the media industry are very unhappy with the style of eddy cue to negotiate, saying that his approach can be described in one phrase: “Well, we’re Apple!”.

Since 2009 the company is constantly trying to bring your TV service to a new level, however, significant prodvizhek in this. For example, companies such as Time Warner Cable and Comcast, at the time, refused to pay Apple monthly for $ 10 per spectator as payment for the ability to install their services on Apple TV. The company does not want to share information about their users, and therefore between it and the parties to the negotiations always occur some misunderstandings.

Attempts by Apple to bypass the cable company and move to direct negotiations directly with the studios, too, while anything sensible did not give. In this case, the parties often cannot agree on which channels to include in the lists and which are not and what services to provide. For example, failed to agree on the question of licensing popular TV shows and TV series and view through a cloud-based DVR service that would allow users to skip ads. Not like the advertisers. Advertisers unhappy, so unhappy madhyanta, in which advertisers buy time.

As for the Apple TV, policy company somewhat weakened. Apple is beginning to order original content, offering TV service providers to create their own applications for the console as well, according to the latest rumors, leading active negotiations to provide premium level content Netflix, but through its iTunes store.

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