Xiaomi introduced a mechanical keyboard with customizable led color for $45

Xiaomi announced their own mechanical keyboard for computers. The device is equipped with customizable led lighting with multiple brightness levels.

The Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard uses switches TTC Red with a declared resource of 50 million keystrokes. For the processing of data corresponds to a microprocessor STMicroelectronics.

The device itself is characterized by the dimensions 358 x 128 x 31.6 mm weight 940 g and boasts a aluminium case. To the computer device connected through the USB interface.

No extra buttons on the keyboard. Users 87 basic keys, that is not even a number pad. But there is a custom illumination with six brightness levels. You can change the color of the keys from cool white to warm white and orange.

Xiaomi is raising funds to release the keyboard on a crowdfunding platform. The cost is $45, which is very little by the standards of this segment. This amount will be charged to reserve the right to get your copy after the start of deliveries, which are expected before November 29.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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