Xiaomi showed examples of photos taken dual camera Xiaomi Mi Plus, 5s, and potrollila iPhone 7 Plus

On Tuesday, Xiaomi announced two new flagship smartphone Mi Mi 5S and 5S Plus. Like a pair of high-end smartphones Apple, the second model is equipped with larger display and dual camera.

The main feature of Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus was the presence of two 13 megapixel sensor Sony. The company argued that two modules allow you to take pictures better than if it was one. The fact that the camera in your smartphone are different, one is fully monochrome, while the second has a traditional RGB sensor. Using a mono camera can take black and white pictures, but not only that. By itself, it captures more information, simply because the sensor does not filter the incoming light, trying to determine where and what color, as does the RGB sensor. Monochrome module “interested in” just the sheer number passing through the lens light.

To work the RGB sensor to come out with high-quality color photos, Plus 5S Xiaomi Mi uses data from both cameras. Filtering the incoming light, the RGB sensor can lose detail, especially on bright objects, or, on the contrary, in the shadows. Gluing together data from two cameras, the device allows to increase the quality of the pictures.

By the way, Xiaomi during the presentation did not miss the opportunity to “trolling” Apple’s protruding camera and weight the iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 Plus also uses a dual camera module, but it works a little differently. As conceived by Apple, the dual camera should not be construed as such. She does two scenes, does not remove one lens a black-and-white photograph. It intelligently switches between two modules with different focal lengths, or uses their ability in tandem to provide better shooting, optical zoom or bokeh effect.

In good lighting conditions both cameras iPhone 7 Plus work in pairs: the original photo is glued together from two frames. Special image processor, calculated over 100 billion operations in just 25 MS, borrows the bright parts of the photo with a telescopic lens, and dark — with a wide angle. Due to this additionally increases the quality of the pictures is a wider dynamic range and accurate colour reproduction.

Examples of photos taken on the iPhone camera 7 can be seen here.

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