Xiaomi showed Mi8, Mi8 Mi8 SE and EE. Which one is steeper, and what no one buys?

Paul Gorodnitsky – the reviews of the new flagship of the Chinese brand.

Dear Xiaomi smartphones are not wanted – that’s a fact. The company consistently sells machines in 150, 200 and even $ 250, but everything is more expensive 320-350 bucks given the Chinese giant work.

People perceive the brand as something superbyudzhetnym, so last year’s Mi6, and frameless Mi Mix 2 dispersed in a small edition in comparison with any Redmi device line.

It is obvious that the Chinese are not happy with this situation. With one smartphone, they earn an average of $ 2 (Apple – 150, Samsung – about 30), so Xiaomi needed was a bestseller that brought the company from ultrabudgetary niche.

Xiaomi showed Mi8, Mi8 Mi8 SE and EE. Which one is steeper, and what no one buys?

And Asians made this smartphone – Xiaomi Mi8 SE. Yes, it was he, and not the usual Mi8 – the main novelty of today’s presentation.

U Mi8 SE – 5.8-inch OLED screen, Snapdragon processor 710 (almost as flagships – that’s enough for any game), 4/6 GB RAM (also stock), great 20-megapixel frontalka, the main dual camera, battery 3120 mAh, fast charging (50% in 20 minutes), and design completely stolen from the iPhone X (but who have confused in our time?).

The best part of SE. In China it will cost $ 290-310 (6 GB of RAM is more expensive), in Russia – thousands 23-25 at the start and thousands of 18-20 2-3 months after the start of sales.

Anything comparable on the market for the money. Have Huawei all either more expensive or much weaker, the Samsung J-series in General looks dead in the background of SE and Meizu still did not take place the transfer on the normal processors from Qualcomm.

In short, Xiaomi Mi8 SE will compete with the iPhone SE – the kid from the Apple in this fight will have really hard.

From the point of view of strategy, the release of SE from Xiaomi – absolutely correct step. This set of specifications should make even the most devoted adherents of the Redmi line to dig some money, to go to the store, take Mi8 SE and finally get to know what is the flagship. Then the following year, stingy people can be trapped by the smartphone for $ 400 and more a year for 450.

In General, Xiaomi Mi8 SE – purely dumping option, which is not aimed at profit for the company, and on the emergence of the loyalty of the audience. Get ready, soon the phrase in the spirit of “My Xiaomi SE for 20 thousand more than your iPhone over 60” will become even more popular and Intrusive.


For Xiaomi Mi8 all the easier. There is a more powerful processor (Snapdragon 845), bigger screen (6.2 inch) and has a Face ID that’s kind of impossible to cheat. Camera classic, the flagship is also a top – Dx0mark in the test, she scored 105 points, leaving behind the iPhone X. the Essence of the Mi8 in that it simultaneously competes with the OnePlus 6, Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro, and all of these phones are more expensive than the “eight” from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi showed Mi8, Mi8 Mi8 SE and EE. Which one is steeper, and what no one buys?

Here the calculation solely on the camera: if bloggers and journalists will love the quality of the photos, they will praise Mi8 and instantly provoke the audience to purchase the top smartphone for $ 420.

But with great probability Mi8 waiting for the fate of Mi6 is stable, but sluggish sales with a minimum of fuss in the media. The hype and all the sales will take Mi8 SE – as it was intended. That’s why it’s called SE, and not, for example, Lite – it was important to show that this is also the flagship.


The last device that Xiaomi showed 31 may – Mi8 EE, Explorer Edition.

Xiaomi showed Mi8, Mi8 Mi8 SE and EE. Which one is steeper, and what no one buys?

This transparent smartphone (you can see all the insides) with a thumbprint scanner in the display. In fact, Mi8 EE – concept: it 100% will not be widely available, and the total circulation will be tens of thousands of copies.

Why? Because he:

1. Prohibitively expensive both in production and for customers. He asked for 36 thousand at the current exchange rate in Russia will be 40-42. For Xiaomi it is that so many;

2. Repeats characteristics and General design of conventional Mi8 is easier to take a practical “eight” and walk with her;

3. Not the fact that reliable Mi8 EE: if anything, to fix it would be long and hard, because the scanner screen is a poorly known feature to date.

So Mi8 EE the cunning Chinese have shown solely for the sake of headlines about how Apple Xiaomi earlier launched a smartphone with innovative fingerprint sensor.

Typical Asian tactic of creating the infopovod – is nothing new.


Whether justified expectations of the announcement? Probably, Yes. Of course, like to see Xiaomi released a smartphone without the “chin” or so mainstream flagship also received a scanner in the screen, but these options would increase the price tag Mi8 $ 200.

Therefore the most reasonable pre-estimate new devices:

Xiaomi Mi8 SE – 9 out of 10 on a scale of price and quality.

Xiaomi Mi8 – 8 out of 10.

Xiaomi Mi8 EE – is not yet clear, but the transparent case is stylish.

P. S. Fitness bracelet Mi Band 3 – disappointment of the day because it differs from the Mi Band 2 just a bigger screen and NFC in the maximum version. But! Need to wait for the Mi Band 3 on sale and the first test: there is a chance that the Chinese have calibrated the monitor, and it will cease to lie. Although it is unlikely.

Xiaomi showed Mi8, Mi8 Mi8 SE and EE. Which one is steeper, and what no one buys?

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