XS Max iPhone exploded in the pocket of the jeans user from Ohio

A user from Ohio reported the fire iPhone XS Max. The smartphone is ignited in the back pocket of the jeans the young man. According to him, the device was purchased just three weeks before the incident.

It tells a resident of Ohio Josh Hillard, he first noticed a strange smell from his pocket, where the iPhone. Immediately after this the young man felt the unnatural heat that was coming from a smartphone. The unit is very smoked and then caught fire.

Immediately after, he turned off the device, Hillard, charred clothes, immediately went to the Apple store to report the incident to the problem and replace the gadget. However, the employees of the company treated him indifferently: first 20 minutes they figured out what happened, and then another 40 carried out an inspection of a device which has not brought results.

The Hilliard refused to issue a new iPhone instead of burned. According to store employees, the device must be send to the engineering service company, to its experts found the exact cause of the fire device. In response to the same Hilliard refused to do and left with a broken mobile home. His decision, he explained care attitude of the employees of the Apple store to their customers.

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Clifton Nichols

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