“Yandex” has launched an application for online consultations with doctors [video]

“Yandex” has announced the application “Yandex.Health”, with which you can get online consultations with doctors. Now smartphone owners can at any time of the day or night to obtain advice of qualified professionals.

Online consultation will be useful to people who, for one reason or another can’t get to the clinic and do not know to what doctor to go. As well as those who just want to talk to a specialist about their health. Consultation with the doctor takes place in live chat, where you can attach additional files (e.g., research results). If necessary, you can make a video.

Therapists and pediatricians are working round the clock and ready to advise everyone, who knows Russian language. The application is transferred to the first vacant specialist, so the answer is not have to wait long. Below the tips is not lost, after the consultation, the doctor will send a report.

Doctors answer any questions related to medicine and nursing and children. For example, what to do for cold prevention, how to help your child to quickly fall asleep and how to read test results. If necessary, you can send the doctor additional materials ā€” photo of skin rash, prescription and the like.

On 31st may the price of the initial consultation is 99 rubles, the subsequent ā€” 499 rubles. The service can be paid by credit card, the funds will be debited only after the user will receive the report. If the human condition will see a doctor is dangerous, he will advise you to call an ambulance and won’t charge for the consultation.

The service cooperates with qualified doctors from Moscow clinics. The average length of service of doctors ā€” for 7 years.

The Application Yandex.Health is available on iOS and Android. The company stressed that online consultation is not a medical service, it does not negate the need for a trip to the doctor: according to Russian law, the doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment just for the full-time appointment.

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