“Yandex” has opened the service to find services and performers

The company opened “Yandex.Services” platform to search for the right specialist or advertisements about the services. The service is available to users from 1 November.

To contact the artist, you can call him on this phone number or write in the chat app.

All listings published in the directory of specialists. In addition, the developers added an option that directly on the page with search result answers the user’s question.

Check artists has been started “Yandex” in September of this year, to all the people who want to place their ads have time to fill out the questionnaire. Less than 2 months the moderators handled “tens of thousands” of applications.

The structure of monetization of the project still unknown. In the initial stages, the company decided not to take a fee for posting ads to the project is entrenched in the market.

This is the second attempt of “Yandex” to create a similar project. In 2014, the developers launched the service “Yandex.Master” which lasted about a year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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