Yandex has updated the Yandex.Keyboard for iPhone and released a version for Android

Yandex has announced a branded virtual keyboard for Android devices. The keyboard is available on the iPhone in December 2015 and during this time it downloaded from the App Store more than 300 000 times.

Yandex.The keyboard is useful for those who often gaining on the smartphone texts or a lot of texting with her friends. She corrects mistakes and typographical errors and is able to predict what word a user wants to type next. The more one works with the Keyboard, the more accurate the predictions become, and the less time spent on printing.

Typing simplify special gestures. For example, to switch the layout, simply slide your finger across the screen. For situations where it is easier to say than to print, there is provided a voice input. The keyboard will translate the speech to text and even put in phrases punctuation.

Correspondence in chats is the exchange of not only words, but pictures. The Keyboard is search by images — it is easy to find and send the source a GIF or a demotivator. To add clarity, the replicas allow you to customize your Keyboard selects the appropriate and shows them in tooltips. In addition to images, emoticons, to look for possible places — for example, in the cafes, bars, shops or cinemas.

The keyboard uses the services of Yandex: Pictures — search for images Maps — for picking seats, Translator for translation of words and phrases. Voice input provides the speech recognition technology of complex Yandex SpeechKit.

Yandex.The keyboard can be downloaded in the Google Play App Store. On how to configure the app, tell the wizard. App for iOS has also been updated. Users can now insert symbols — for example, the punctuation — without switching to the symbol keyboard.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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