“Yandex” launches paid search

“Yandex” will launch a paid service for searching and monitoring information on the basis of machine learning. The company hopes to interest business, including banks and retailers, as well as consulting and research company.

Developing a new system involved the division of “Yandex” Yandex Data Factory, reports “Kommersant”. Paid search engine designed for analysts from the banking sector. In addition, Internet companies are going to connect retailers and consulting and research company.

“Organizations often need to find all the information available in a certain area. For example, a consulting firm may be interested in all publications on the investments of Chinese companies in Australia. “Extract” uses machine learning technology and allows the user to “train” the system to find what you need in the context of specific business objectives,” commented technical Director of Yandex Data Factory Sergey Vavilov.

Currently, the project “Extract” is at the stage of closed beta testing. The price of services will be announced later, according to the test results. Now the system is tested in the Central Bank.

Senior Vice President, Director of ABBYY Compreno Maxim Mikhailov noted that similar developments do Minesoft, Technology Forsight, Boehringer Ingelheim and other companies. According to him, the demand for such services is in medicine, chemical industry, legal field, patents: for example, to “find similar judgments, information on the effects of different substances and chemicals, components and combinations invented by competitors of medicines or on a new business niche”.

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