Yandex.Navigator now allows “one-click” send route from desktop browser to iPhone and iPad

“Yandex” has released a new version of the application Yandex.Navigator for smartphones and tablets on iOS. One of the main innovations of the update is the ability to send routes from your computer’s browser on iPhone and iPad.

Quite often it happens that the plans of going somewhere ripen at the Desk. Maybe it’s the desire to escape from work away, and maybe the computer’s just easier to plan anything. The problem was that finding a way for a laptop, the user had to repeat the same steps on a mobile device, in order not to go astray in the way. But now it’s in the past.

The new version Yandex.The Navigator brought the iPhone and iPad users the ability to send routes from your PC browser to your mobile device. In order to make it active in your browser, you need to go to Yandex.Card and to log on to your account. In this case, the function send route to device will be available automatically.

Selecting a point on the cards, you should make a right mouse click and select “What’s here?”. In the pop-up window will appear click the yellow “Send to phone”. Next button you now have to choose to send in the application “Yandex.Maps” or “Yandex.Navigator, depending on the installed on your smartphone.

After sending on iPhone comes a push notification, which is opened you will see the required destination and will be able to navigate to this destination.

Among other features the new version Yandex.Navigator it should be noted that automatic scaling of the map: if it is slow it becomes even closer to not miss a turn. In addition, now all the important information regarding people’s cards are available directly on the diagram, and the Navigator knows more about the speed cameras.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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