“Yandex.Taxi” allowed users to show their location to drivers

The Developers “Yandex.Taxi” has added a new application to the option “Show the driver where I am”. The representatives of the company wrote in a blog service. In their opinion, innovation should help taxi drivers to find customers when ordering machines in airports or on the large open space.

“Find each other without calls and messages even easier,” said the creators of the service.

Before drivers are focused only on the address specified in the order, or pin manually selected point. Users could observe the movements of the driver in the case of confusion to explain your location via chat or a personal call.

Now search for customers has become much easier. With the new option the driver is able to track passenger location and find him, even if he deviates from the original point of order.

The company also noted that the geolocation of the customer will not be available to the driver always. It automatically disappears when the taxi driver starts a trip. During the next order it can be enabled again.

The new option is already available in all cities of Russia, where the service works. For activation you must update the application and configure access to geo-data.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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