“Yandex.The browser”, said that for the first time surpassed Google Chrome on the iOS platform

Browser of the company “Yandex” for the first time surpassed by popularity of Google Chrome on the mobile platform Apple. This was stated by the representatives of the search engine.

By the end of the year a weekly share of “Yandex.Browser” among iPhone and iPad users reached 5.7%, whereas in Chrome it does not exceed 4.8 per cent. Next is Opera with 0.5%. First place traditionally holds the Safari browser with a share of 84%.

Mobile version “Yandex.Browser” was released on the iOS platform four years ago. In 2014, the browser debuted on the iPad and Android smartphones. One of the chips “Yandex.Browser” is a personal tape of the recommendations of Zen, created with the use of artificial intelligence technologies. The browser displays articles, videos and pictures on topics that are of interest to the user. Zen finds them online and collect in one tape.

The tape is formed on the basis of knowledge “Yandex.Browser” on the user: what websites he visits, how to evaluate articles and videos from the tape — asks him for “more this” or Vice versa. The function takes into account both constant and current interests. For example, if people begin to read about the architecture, the materials in the tape will be more.

“the iOS platform is complicated by the fact that it does not allow to install an alternative browser by default, — said the head of the development of “Yandex. Browser” Dmitry Timko. — That is, each external link will always open in the standard browser Safari. To use an alternate browser on iOS need to change their habits: to separately launch the application and copy the links you want to view”.

On desktops, the share of “Yandex. Browser” is 20.3%. On this platform the program twice behind leader Google Chrome (or 41.2%). Closes the three leaders of Firefox with a share (12%). Followed by Opera with a rate of 10.1%, Internet Explorer with 10.1% Edge from 2.7%. According to the company, only on the PC “Yandex” uses 15 million people on iOS devices — 1.9 million

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