“Yandex.The money” will release a Bank card information on the front side

“Yandex.The money” will release a Bank card, personal information on the front side. This was reported by representatives of the electronic payment service.

The lack of data on the front side of the card allows its users to hide their cards from strangers and even showing her photos in a social network. Number, security code, expiration date and name of the owner indicated on the reverse side of the card and the front side will contain the logo of Mastercard and “Yandex.Money.” The new design will help to attract new customers: according to the research Agency Magram Market Research, 32 percent of customers of banking services pay special attention to the design of a plastic card.

New location information on the map is not the only innovation of the online payment service. “Yandex.The money” will be the first to produce colored payment card with a transparent horizontal strip along the bottom edge.

The cost of maintenance of the card will amount to 100 rubles a year (is made once in three years). It will also have premium status World Mastercard and the system of cashback: one percent for each payment online and five for every purchase offline in a particular category. One point is equal to one ruble.

Card “Yandex.Money” is also supported in Apple Pay.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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