“Yandex.The money” will return 5% of purchases when you pay with Apple Pay

Payment service “Yandex.Money” announced a new promotion for iPhone and Android smartphones with NFC support. The company will reimburse the expense of 5% of the payments made with popular payment services.

Until 31 August 2017 Yandex will return 5% of payments made using Apple Pay or through a mobile application Yandex.Money for Android.

A credit will expenses such as travel (metro, taxi, public transport), tickets (to a movie or on a plane) auto (gas station and car hire) and food service (cafes, restaurants, fast food). 5% of the amount will be returned to the wallet immediately after payment.

The company noted that the action directed on increase of loyalty of users to “Yandex.Money” and to stimulate the contactless payment by phone using payment service company.

To get cashback to the user “Yandex.Money”, enough to activate the payment system, Apple Pay, or contactless payments to Android (for smartphones with NFC support). Next, will be just to monitor the balance Yandex Purse.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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