Yandex.The Navigator spoke with the voice of Vasily Utkin [video]

“Hello, welcome to Vasily Utkin!” — this phrase will meet the drivers updated Yandex.Navigator. On the eve of the Olympic games, the app now has voice guidance performed by a popular sports commentator.

Yandex.The Navigator spoke with the voice of Vasily Utkin [video]

According to Basil, his version of the voice-funny, but not distracting from the road. Her entry took several hours. During this time the commentator announced around 160 words and phrases. In the final version 120, from which the Navigator is automatically tips. Some phrases like “Ahead again, all dug up” — Utkin invented himself. Part of them remained on the bench: they will be added later to the day was boring the same replica. How was the record you can see from the video.

Yandex.The Navigator spoke with the voice of Vasily Utkin [video]

New languages already added to Navigator for Android and will soon appear in the iOS app (it’s already updated and sent to the App Store). John Madden’s voice, you can choose if the sound settings installed Russian language. This version of the voice pack will be available for a limited time. So those who want to travel with the voice of Vasily Utkin, it’s time to switch.

Still the app had two options voice guidance — male and female. The female voice belongs to Director of marketing for Yandex.Of the Ukraine Oksana Mandryka, a male professional speaker.

Each month the Navigator from the company Yandex are 10 million Russians who build with it, more than 180 million routes.

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