Yota introduced a completely unlimited plan for tablets

Federal mobile operator Yota has completely changed the range of tariffs for tablets. Now users will be able to enjoy unlimited Internet at the maximum speed if you choose any package. And the time of usage has also changed: you can select the day, month or year.

The package price for the day — from 50 rubles per month to 400. It all depends on the region. In addition, Yota was the first to impose a tariff package for the year. Price — from 3000 rubles. The operator notes that an annual subscription will allow users to save up to 40% on services.

Example: in Moscow the price of the package “Year” will be 4500 rubles, Month — 590 rubles: full unlimited and no roaming charges.

“The majority of tablet users access the Internet only through Wi-Fi. They don’t buy a SIM card because not sure about the quality of mobile Internet and consider the service expensive. We have revised our product for tablets. And made it as easy, comfortable and affordable. And the powerful network enables us to provide quality service in all regions of Russia”, – said Vladimir Dobrynin, chief operating officer of Yota.

One of the main advantages of this product is completely unlimited Internet access without any traffic restrictions. In addition, during country visits cost of services provided does not change from region depends only on the cost of connection.

Until 20 October, all clients of Yota are free to test the new rates during the week. As with other operator’s services, the rate can be controlled via a branded mobile app.

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