“You are wrong to scratch the phone”: Apple has commented on the rumors about the refusal of sapphire glass in the iPhone 7

In September was released on YouTube video jerryrigeverything once in which the authors studied the durability of the iPhone 7. Using instruments calibrated according to the Mohs scale of hardness, they tried to put marks on screen, Home button and camera lens. It turned out that the button and the camera lens scratched iPhone 7 not up to level 6 that does not reach the level of “true sapphire”.

Jerryrigeverything once in the experiment performed twice. The second time they matched the strength of glass is the iPhone 7 and Tissot Swiss watches. Using the same tools they tried to leave the marks on both items. The experiment showed that the crystal does not scratch up to level 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which corresponds to the indices of sapphire, but the camera glass the iPhone 7 really has a factor of 6. This fact has caused a wave of criticism and accusations by Apple that the company misled buyers of the iPhone 7.

“Apple can officially confirm that the lens of the camera in the iPhone 7 a sapphire and under appropriate conditions testing demonstrates the toughness and the purity that you would expect from sapphire,” – said Apple representatives edition iMore.

The company believes that jerryrigeverything once improperly conducted experiment. “To obtain correct results it is necessary to use force depending on the thickness of the material,” – said in Cupertino.

In any case, the experiment casts doubt on the durability of the Home button and scanner Touch ID. Over time, the key can be covered with scratches that degrade the speed of reading biometric data.

Previously Vice President of worldwide product marketing Apple Phil Schiller in response, users said that the approval for waiver of sapphire in the iPhone 7 are not true. “That’s not true. The camera lens and the top of the Home button are both covered with sapphire,” said he.

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