You little Emoji? You will see new in a future version of iOS

The next big event in the life of Apple and fans of its products is the conference for developers WWDC 2016. This event, which Apple does not want to cancel. Talk about the different products that can be presented at the conference for developers. What we know is almost certainly, this new version of iOS and OS X. That may be new to them? We don’t know, but believe that new Emoji we get.

You do not have enough Emoji? I doubt it. The majority of iOS users have used at least once each of the proposed uses. However, their number is constantly growing. Apple’s devices get new emojis faster than devices from other manufacturers. Android users from time to time, meet strange characters in the comments to the photos published in Instagram is a iPhone owners enjoy the new Emoji.

Why are we talking about the new iOS and Emoji? The fact that Apple has an agreement with Unicode, under which the company can add 74 new emojis in the new version of the mobile OS. We understand that if the new Emoji will appear in iOS, they will be available for OS X. it will be for emojis? You can find out more on the website Emojipedia. Will be added a variety of images.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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